Using a Venti server

What is Venti?

Venti is a block data storage server that is ideal for archiving and sharing data. It saves data in SHA1 hashed blocks and indexes them to avoiding duplication of previously saved data. Venti was developed for Plan 9 but can also be used by Inferno and Linux clients.

The Public Venti

We are providing a free public venti as part of the development effort for the g/toolkit.

provides read and write access to anyone. The intended purpose is for archiving and sharing files with the vac tools.

To download data given a .vac file:

unvac -h FILE.vac

To upload data and save the information as a .vac:


Venti always collapses the given target to a single tiny .vac of the same size. To make a .vac archive attached at /n/vac without copying it from the venti:

vacfs -h FILE.vac

The!7888 registry includes 9p fileshares of .vac scores for the Venti server. Feel free to contribute by posting .vac scores to the graffiti wall or just post the .vac data (its just a few bytes) somewhere else and link to it.

A current area of development is venti-specific scripted functionality in the g/toolkit.

Sample Plan 9 utilities and software available from

"non-interactive rio" by yiyus (run with rio -I) - vac:f2b5c938ab24ee406c6b0be31e84a34bac7cd989

"riows" script to start rioni by yiyus - vac:cfe5a9411f5613e297961529ba7c66329fb5f5ed