About 9gridchan.org

9gridchan.org aims to provide an integrated set of resources for Plan 9 users, including:

Everything we do is free and open-source. The website and resources are volunteer provided, noncommerical, and no, we aren't going to ask for donations - there is nothing wrong with businesses, ads, or asking for donations, but we want to prove we are promoting and providing Plan 9 simply because we love it and think its the best damn software in this corner of the Milky Way galaxy. Maybe Rob Pike stole the source code from a server in the Large Magellanic cloud, because thats how great Plan 9 is.

This project is hobby and research and entertainment oriented - we think Plan 9 is eminently suitable for 'the enterprise' but the 9gridchan software and resources are not developed with that usage context in mind. Stick with the official Bell Labs distribution for mission-critical deployments - but we think our qemu image might make a good tool for rapid testing and protoyping. We encourage people to share their development projects and upload and test code on our servers, but we are not a hosting provider and we make no guarantees about the availability of any services or data. We are pretty laid-back and relaxed about things, but our lawyer (actually it was just some guy on the bus) said we should have a usage policy for our own protection. Our policy is therefore be cool, no guarantees, and don't use our resources maliciously or in violation of applicable laws.